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About Us

Mary has been involved in horticulture for over 30 years. She has experience of helping to design some beautiful borders and gardens in Somerset including the garden at Lower Severalls, together with running the Nursery which specialises in herbs and herbaceous perennials. The Nursery supplies individual gardeners and some well known garden designers with plants.

With her local knowledge and experience of garden visiting, she can help you to arrange a garden lover’s holiday itinery for your stay if you so wish. Her family have lived at Lower Severalls for 92 years so she is well connected with the local area!

CB Plants, Catherine Bond runs a traditional nursery in the garden here, you are welcome to browse in or out of hours and see her plants and buy if you wish.

Mike enjoys cooking and pleasing guests by providing delicious breakfasts. He uses fresh herbs and vegetables from the garden and has been known to smoke and cure his own hams and bacon. He has worked in large 5 star hotels as an Engineer in the Middle East and the Caribbean but has settled to live in Somerset for the past 25 years.